EC328 Series
Rotary High Temp Test & Vision Sorting Handler
EC328HTM Hot Test Turret

The ECA Hot Test Turret featuring;

  • Improve process cycle time by linking test and MSP in one process.
  • Eliminate mixed device by merging Test & MSP with automated flow.
  • Reduce cost of test; one integrated handler cost less than single test handler & MSP Turret.
  • Improve jam rate via innovative design.

Specification Highlight!

  • Wide Package Range
  • Up to 90% Tester utilization.
  • Hot Turret Table equipped to deliver the unit to good/reject destination.
  • Short Index Time (500ms)
  • UPH : 10-14K 
  • High Flexibility Test Method: Single Test, 2x Test, 4x Test, 8 Test. Maximum up to 8x. 




General Info


SOICs, SO Power, TO Power

UPH (Zero Test Time)


Floor Space

1200 x  2500 x 1700 mm

Weight, kg

Approx. 3000kg

Hot Test 


Tube Stackle Loader

Soaking Temperature

150°C – 300°C 

Total Heating Unit

400 unit per cycle

Test Capability

1x up to 8x with Individual Controllable Test Plunger

Turret Table

4x Index Point to Transfer Unit After Test

Reject Output

Multi-tube Reject Station by Pick & Place Arm



Cooling Track Loader with 2x Buffer Track

Orientator, Precisor 

Auto/Easy Conversion With Unit Present Sensor

Test Station 

Max. 5x Station

Marking Table

16x Unit Nest for 2 Different Packages 

Laser Mark Unit 

10w – 30w Laser Mark Unit


Tube Unloader, Tape & Reel


Multi-tube Reject station, Bucket

Purge Bin

With Safety Sensor

Vision System

Top Vision

Marking Mold Compound, Chipping


Bottom Vision

Heatsink, Mold compound, Chipping


3D Lead Vision

Lead Length, Pitch, Deviation, Standoff


In-Pocket Vision

Marking Lead Pitch, Standoff



>60 mins



>168 hours