Digital Manufacturing

Intelligent connectivity platform is typically utilised in the customers' control room, to enable advanced analytics capabilities. This will allow for:- 

  • visualisation of statistics to improve overall operational efficiency and control of processes;
  • real time monitoring;
  • predictive maintenance;
  • remote control of operations.  

If required, this platform can be operated on the customers' "cloud" system and can interact with the following customers' software:-

ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP, is a software system that utilises a centralised database that contains all the necessary data in one location. In manufacturing, an ERP system basically automates processes across departments, by creating and managing the basic plant schedule including production, material use, delivery and shipping

MES: Manufacturing Execution System or MES, are computerised systems used in manufacturing to track and document the transformation of raw materials to finished goods. MES is basically used to drive the manufacturing operation, by managing and reporting on plant activities as events occur, in real-time