Autonomous Mobile Robot

AMR is an autonomous self-guided robot to assist in various processes in the manufacturing facility, including transferring and arranging inventories, components or finished products.

AMR uses a sophisticated set of sensors, machine learning, and computes for path planning to interpret and navigate through real-time environment. It can perform collision avoidance to slow, stop, or reroute its path around obstacle and then continue with performing the required task, or in the event of production downtime, it can return to remote position or base station.

The benefits of adopting AMR are as follows:-

  • ability to safely operate and complete tasks alongside workers;
  • capable of navigation and planning alternate routes in dynamic environments;
  • capable of performing tasks that would be harmful to or not possible for human workers (i.e. such as transferring load intensive or contagious materials).

Additionally, the adoption of AMR also enables employees to focus on high-value activities such as customer support, business development and research & development, and in turn promotes overall efficiency and productivity across the manufacturing cycle.