Auto Orientation Correction
Easy Conversion & Easy Maintenance
Modular Design (Plug & Run)
User Friend GUI
Animated Station Update with Status Code
Color Autovision Capability Compact Design
Cost Effective

The EC328 rotary sorting and test handler is a fully automated turret consisting of 32-station rotary pick-up coupled with a multiple-station secondary rotary table. It is specifically designed to cater for package such as DPAK, SSO8, MLF, QFN, QFP, PLCC, SOT. The standard EC328 can produce high throughput up to 30,000UPH depends on the package type and size. Vision system is strategically integrated in the standard EC328 to provide comprehensive range of inspection solution. Due to the versatile modular design, EC328 allows customized configuration to suit your process. With cost effective concept and technically advanced features, EC328 is truly an affordable system for growing competitive semiconductor industry.


  • Input feeding options: Tray/Bowl/Tube
  • Output options: Tray/Tape/Tube
  • Throughput: up to 30,000UPH 
  • Bottom inspection: Packages dimension, void, pitting, chipping, flashes, scratches, excess tin
  • Top inspection: Package, marking, orientation, void, dimensioning, contaminating, pitting, chipping, flashes, scratches
  • Laser marking (optional)
  • QFN 5-side inspection (optional)
  • Tester station (optional)
  • Auto orientation correction
  • User-friendly GUI
  • Animated station update with status code

Process Capabilities

Tube, Bowl, Multi-track, Tray

Tube, Tray, Tape & Reel, LED

Device Orientation, Test Contacting, Laser marking, 6 sides vision inspection, Bulk sorting, Tube sorting, Tray sorting, Tape & Reel.

ECA Vision Inspection
2D, 5S, 3D, Mark, Surface, Color, In-Tape, OCR & LED customize solution

Vision Capabilities
Side Crack, Expose Copper, Micro-chip, 

Test Contacting
Flat Test Kelvin or Flat Test Non-Kelvin Clamping Test
LED customize solution

Device Type
SOIC208Mils, SS08, DSO150Mils, DSO430Mils, TO252, TO220, TO263, TOLL, MLPM, PLCC, QFN, MLC, SOT, SOP

MTBA: > 60 mins (typical)
MTBF: >168 h (typical)
Auto Replacement in-tape (optional)
Dual Tape & Reel (optional)

User Interface
Ergonomically Window based color monitor,
Language: English, other upon request
Keyboard & mouse
Handler status indicator
ECA vision, dedicated monitor, keyboard & mouse.

Network: Ethernet capability
I/O parallel for Tester & Laser
SECS GEM (optional)

According to ANSI/ESD SP10.1

Power Supply: 3 Phase 415Vac 50Hz
Power Consumption: 10kW
Pressured Air Supply: 6 Bar (250 liter/min)
Vacuum Supply: 350 mBar (ABS)