Automated packaging system

EAP 388 – Auto Packing

ECA Auto Packing (EAP 388) is the machine designed to handle all devices in carrier tape, in MBB with Desiccant & HIC. This handler is fully automated with high precision mechanism pair with robotic and servo motor control for precise loading of reels, desiccant & HIC into MBB. Our solutions is tailor made combination with hardware and software to meets highly efficient and smooth packaging process plus cost effectiveness and fully automatic production lines.
Handle reels packing size from 180mm to 380mm,conversion time < 10 mins.
Robotic Scara & Servo System pick and place system for better accuracy.

  • 200 reels per hour for Basic & 300 reels per hour for Advance system.
  • Fully auto with programmable conversion. 
  • Auto reel label detection, link to IMO & SAP to identify reel and re-print barcode data respectively.
  • Automated label print & dispenser with placement to MBB accurately.
  • Automated Desiccant dispenser, min capacity up to 800 packs.
  • Automatic HIC dispenser.
  • Automatic vacuum seal for big & small reel. Vacuum parameter setting user friendly.
  • User Friendly Software

Vacuum Pack